Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Time

Little Miss Stevie passed away on 8th, December, 2012. It was a Saturday afternoon, just on sunset as the skies were turning burnt oranges and hot pinks... a great end to a day - and a great end to a bird's life too.

But for a few years, I found Christmas a very sad time of year for me; as it was so close to that time of year where we were supposed to be celebrating so much, and yet I had lost that special little fluffy pet in my life; right when I needed her the most at that point in my life too.

It's been 5 years, and I still hate putting up the Christmas tree, mainly because there's bum-fluff feathers all over the darned thing!

So, this year, I went out and bought myself another tree - a new, taller one - and it's made me feel better.

Now, I still have memories of Little Miss Stevie, but they're funny memories. Of her reaction to the streamers on the Small Leaf Jades outside, and how she'd stare at the reflections on the ceiling of the living room. She'd screech as the sound of children anywhere near the house. Yes, she wasn't a fan of children being around the house and yet I wasn't really either. 

And then there was her Christmas Ornament that I bought her only two years before she passed away and yet when she did pass on, I took it back and got the lady who decorated it to put the years on it of when I had her... which she did for nothing. And I do appreciate it that she did that for me. I did have the money to do that.

Anyway, buying the new tree was something I really just loved doing because it was something I could afford and it was also something to add to my house ... for the year to come. 

I still remember how much my little bird loved this time of year; as I always bought her something she enjoyed either playing with or eating. But the year she passed away, I bought her nothing. I thought that we had a pretty good life together and our life with each other would be better than any present. 

And isn't that the point of Christmas? I think so. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Personalities and Phobias

Little Miss Stevie had the biggest personality... she was a lovely little thing and knew it; you could tell by the way she flirted with the camera that she was the centre of attention!

But really, she had some really strange phobias... like the one of band aides. If I walked up to her with a band aide around any of my fingers, she'd freak out! She ran away from me, as though it was going to give her some disease - or attack her. So, I had to be careful about how I cut things in the kitchen; and try not to slice my fingers or hand open with a knife because any type of band aide was bad news.

Also, tissues, wet wipes and cotton buds were also out. She didn't like anything she was going to wiped or poked with... but I was patient with her and held her carefully enough and she never knew the difference (but knowing her, she did and didn't let on!). 

She also hated it when she pulled out one of her feathers during preening and dropped it on the floor of the cage and I picked it up and showed it to her. She ran away from that as well. For the longest time I never knew why. But the vets told me that when a bird threw away a feather they saw it as rubbish and never touched it again. And so when we touched them with it, they saw it as the equivalent of us touching them with poo, as something dirty and freaked out. 

Another phobia I found she had was of me leaving the room... she hated me going to toilet for a few minutes. And if I had to go when she was out of the cage, I never got her back into it. 
The first time this happened, she left me no choice but to come with me on my shoulder. Boy! Did she regret that move! I had a bird clinging to hard to me that her claws dug into my shoulder! She was so scared of falling into the toilet! But she didn't learn her lesson... no! She found it was another place to follow me. Yep, this was another place I had no privacy at times. 

She did have great taste in music and television shows. She hated Oprah (but then I wasn't real big on that show), thought Dr. Phil was a real person in our living room (until I turned off the television) and loved Santana's 'Moonflower' record (the longest track on vinyl 2, side 2 - the drum solo). She really got into KISS, U2 and Jo Satriani as well. Yep, she was a rockin' little budgie in the end... would listen to Mozart but on the same day listen to AC/DC too. And in case you're wondering, her all-time favourite show was 'Supernatural'... I kid you not! I really missed her when the next episode came on only two days after she died and I couldn't watch her climb into her cage moments after the guys bonded over the bonnet of the car and drove off into the next episode. I remember looking over at an empty cage and bursting into tears. I almost stopped watching after that... because I couldn't share it with my little bird. But I've been watching it because I love the show and I have wondered exactly what my little bird would have thought of the plots now. Sounds dumb, but I do. 

These are great memories, and I love them. I don't cry over them much anymore, but they're here to share with you. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In Memory of Little Miss Stevie

It's been a long time since my sweet little bird passed away, and I thought to use this blog instead of deleting it.

She was such a big part of my life and such a joy of little thing, I thought it would be lovely to share with you all my best memories of her.

She used to make tea with me. After dinner each night, I'd let her out of the cage, put her on my shoulder and she'd sit there playing with whatever ear-ring I had in my ear - or chewing on my hair - and I'd make the pot of tea for the night.

From the shoulder, she'd migrate down my arm or shirt to my hands and promptly fall asleep on her back in the palm of my hand as I rubbed her beak... something she just adored.

She loved this the most in Winter as it kept her nice and warm. 

Monday, December 17, 2012


In memory of my little bird, I'm planning on working on a few things for her.  On Photobucket, I've made up a story about her life.  It's brief and sweet, and I'll keep it there for all my online friends to look at.  However, here's the link for you all to see it too:

In Memory of Little Miss Stevie - a story 

I'm also hoping to bury her in a large potted plant in the back yard and carve a memorial to her out of aerated concrete to place in the pot too.  You see, I can't bury her in my garden as it is because the ground it clay and under my lawn is mostly stormwater drains.  So, I'd rather be able to have her in a large pot so - when I move from where I live now - she can come with me.

On Wednesday, I'm also going to Garden City to get around 70 or so photos printed up at K-Mart and to get a new album for them.  This is so I can remember her whenever I want to offline.

So, there you have it, her memorials... offline and online.  I will get another budgie as it's becoming lonely and far too quiet without another bird in this house... and I miss birdsong during my breakfast and dinner.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Goodbye Dear Friend

Yesterday evening, at around 6:30pm, Little Miss Stevie passed away from our world and into the next.  She was in my hands outside as the sun set over Logan City while the birds sang and screeched and the night fell over us.  The breeze blew nice and warm, fluffing her feather a little and she looked around, half-knowing she was outside - a place she had always wanted to be outside her cage; and now was with me to be her guardian in her last moments.

Since her stroke on 1st, December, she had been weak.  But she was becoming stronger as each day passed.  However, yesterday it seemed that her little heart had come to its last few beats and she couldn't hold on any longer.  She did wait until I was home from a long day out and about with friends before letting me know something was wrong.  And this is how we ended up being outside together... I didn't want her life ending inside my house in a cage, I wanted her spirit to sour free - just like she had always wanted - with the other wild birdies of the world.

I will never forget her little antics or her song.  Her blue feathers will always be in the sky for me and be a wonderful memory for me.  However I will be erecting a memorial for her in my garden.  I'm planning on getting a large potted plant and putting her in with it with a carved memorial out of aerated concreted in front of it; so her memory will forever live on.  

For you all who followed her little blog here, I thank you for doing so - even if you only bookmarked this blog to enjoy.  I have enjoyed watching it develop.  I will be getting another budgie; but not for some time... there is a healing period to work through.  Thank you all for being here for me and my little bird. 

In Memory Of Little Miss Stevie 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lop sided

hi i'm back. oh... look! mum came and wrote for me. how nce is tht. oh, look at that, my sepling is bad. darn ths head.

Like she said i havent been well and i took a spiiil... oops. i fell down from flyying around. mum asked the vets what happened and lookt it up on the net and found out i have had a stroke. now i'm lop-sided all the time. this means my head it turnd to the right all the time... 

stop laughing! i see the world sideways.

this isnt funny.

besides i can only see out of my left eye now too. 

see that stopped ya.

sorry, i'm still getting used to this like mum. she has put one of my enemies in my cage with me ... a towel!... i hate those things. this is so i cant hurt myself.and tomorow its going to be stiinkining hot.

ive made so manny mistakes here.   

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hi there. It's Little Miss Stevie's owner here.  I thought to let you guys out there know that she's not well at the moment.  Last night, sometime, she fell ill and had a possible stroke and isn't really feeling up to posting anything for a while. 

I found this out this morning when I took out of her cage and let her fly around and she dropped to the floor instead.  Then, when I found her, she was walking around in circles with her head off to one side. The vets at Greencross Vets told me it was something that could have happened during the night when I was sleeping.

Right now, all I can do is keep her nice and cool, protect her from overbalancing and stop her from flying too much.   I'll pass on any notes or well-wishes you want to leave below in her comments box... but really, all she wants to do is sleep right now.  At least she's not falling off her perch from doing that or preening - and this is a good sign of her balance coming back.  All I can do is watch her and wait and see what happens.
You see, I bought her from a petstore and so I don't know where breeding or bloodlines.  I wish I did, but I don't; and this plays a vital role in how long she'd live for.  

Anyway, I thought to let you all know just in case you don't hear from her for a while.    

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hot Days and Rainy Aftanooon

Weev been having hot days and today it rained.  Mum went out for Sunday and was gone all day monday and came home on tuusday.  today she went out with her Mum and she came home when it was raining. She came home with bags of things and was happy. 

Its time for Mum to decorate the house again with chrissmassy things... I like it when its all like that. but this time shes decorating outside too. what fun!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today, mum got out the loud machine from the storage place unda the stairz and cleaned the carpet. i always get nervus around this thing becawse its so loud and i have heard sum bad things about it.. like it can suck birdies like me up its pipe never to be seeen agin!!! but mum won't let that happen.
well she moved me off the big wooden thing along the window and put the long pipe behind it where i havebeen secretly hiding my fethas and throwing seed husks. but sumhow she knew they were all there! while i was sitting at the back door, where she put me out of the way and i watched the nice morning for a bit, she came back and showed me how much fethas and seed husks and dirts  was behind where my cage sits. it was a lot!

i think i have to find anotherplace to throw my poo seed and fethas now she knows about that place. or just wait until she forgets its there again and do it all again! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh! Boy! Feeling better!

wow! i'm feeling so much betta now. last night i ate all my food andkept on eating until late in the night! there was something about the shellgrit mum gave me yestaday that has helpt me feel hungry again. and my poo doesnt stick my fethas anymore and its not gooey and smelling and gross anymore eetha.

mum has been checking me and cuddling me a lot too. she has noticed my fethas are nice and flufly again and not as oily as thye were befor. when she gave me the shellgrit again jumt on her hand ate lots of it today. so good when i feel like eating.